4 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Job Search

Social media can be a great way to extend your network and improve your chances of being found when you’re looking for a job. It can also be one of the fastest ways to turn away a prospective employer. If you’re on the hunt for a job, avoid these mistakes when it comes to your social media accounts.

1. An Outdated Profile

If it’s been years since the last time you updated your profiles, you might look like you’re not that concerned about your image or that you’re not taking your job search very seriously. On the other hand, a freshly updated and polished profile will show that you’re working hard to succeed.

2. An Unprofessional Profile

If your Instagram is loaded with pictures of you doing shots at the bar every night or anything else that might not cast you in the most favorable light, it could cost you a job offer. Comb through your social media profiles and double check groups you’ve joined, pages you’ve liked, or apps you’ve used that might get in your way.

3. Ranting About Your Boss

You don’t want a prospective employer to back away because you’re ranting about how much you hate your boss or that your current job is boring you to tears. After all, what will stop you from making similar comments once you’re hired elsewhere? Save your frustrations for your friends and don’t talk shop on your social media accounts.

4. Complain About the Interview

No matter how poorly you think the interview went or how much of a dud the interviewer was, keep your comments offline. Even if you don’t want the job, another prospective interviewer may see your comments and decide not to take the time to meet you.

Nothing is Private on the Internet

No matter how tight you think your privacy settings are, you never know which friend of a friend will get a glimpse of your posts. Don’t let social media get in the way of landing your dream job. Keep your accounts clean, professional, and up to date.

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