3 Best Kept Secrets of Successful Job Hunters

After a long and unfruitful job search, you may be beginning to wonder if there is some secret to getting a job that you’re not aware of. The fact, is there are.

Here are the four best kept secrets of successful job hunters.

1. Fit in

Being unique and different is fine – after you’ve got the job. But in a job interview, employers are looking for candidates who fit in with the current corporate culture. Hiring managers don’t want to intentionally rock the boat by bringing in new employees who stand out as being odd or unsociable. Try to fit in during your interview. If you can determine how current employees dress and handle themselves, try to emulate that. You want your interviewer to view you as someone who will easily fit into the slot they need to fill.

2. Connect

Successful job hunters know that it’s important to create a connection during that critical interview process. Simply answering the questions you are asked in a straightforward manner is fine, but it won’t make you stand out in your job interview. Try to guide the interview so it becomes less of an interview and more of a conversation. If you can find some common ground with the interviewer, no matter how slight, you can build on that to create a connection that will make them remember you when it comes time to make a final hiring decision.

3. Balance

Work on achieving a balance of being relaxed, but eager. You don’t want the interviewer to sense your desperation, but you don’t want to seem like you don’t care if they hire you. The secret is to appear confident, but not haughty, relaxed but not assuming, eager but not desperate. If you can arrive at that balance, you will have the best attitude for your job interview, and the best odds of success.

Keep these four secrets in mind the next time you’re up for a job. There’s a strong chance they’ll work to your advantage, just like they’ve worked for other successful job hunters.

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